JIRACOR Secures Over $10M in Defense Contracts

Orlando, FL – August 25, 2023

JIRACOR, a frontrunner in optimizing product supportability and lifecycle longevity, announces its triumphant acquisition of defense contracts exceeding $10 million from the Department of the Navy. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, JIRACOR’s proficiency spans the full spectrum of capabilities required to ensure seamless operations and extended lifecycles for a diverse range of products within the defense sector.

Drawing upon an in-depth understanding of defense dynamics, JIRACOR offers an expansive suite of capabilities that drive the efficient operation and maintenance of products, culminating in heightened performance and durability. Committed to Integrated Product Support (IPS), we orchestrate the success of defense endeavors by skillfully integrating logistics, technical expertise, maintenance planning, training, and depot repair proficiency. This holistic approach is engineered to reduce downtime, elevate operational readiness, and substantially curtail lifecycle expenditures, all while delivering targeted support precisely when required.

The newly secured contracts encompass an array of critical endeavors, showcasing JIRACOR’s versatile and comprehensive capabilities:

  • Technical Refresh of Electronic Classrooms and Information Technology Equipment:  JIRACOR’s prime contract includes the upgrading and enhancement of electronic classrooms and information technology equipment integrated into the Navy’s infrastructure. This mission involves implementing advanced technologies, optimizing software and hardware components, and maintaining a cutting-edge electronic learning environment that remains current, efficient, and conducive to effective training and communication.
  • Procurement and Delivery of Spare Parts to Navy Bases, both CONUS and OCONUS:  Functioning as a prime contractor, JIRACOR undertakes the pivotal task of sourcing, acquiring, and delivering vital spare parts to Navy bases across the United States (CONUS) and beyond its borders (OCONUS). This intricate logistical operation ensures that Navy installations access essential components for equipment maintenance and repair, thereby minimizing downtime and elevating operational readiness.
  • Courseware Development:  JIRACOR’s Computer Based Training division plays a pivotal role as a subcontractor by merging innovative instructional systems design, systems engineering, and training assessment approaches with modernized technologies. This synergy is dedicated to supporting specific ratings accession training while advancing the overarching objective of enhancing the transfer of training for Sailors into their operational work environment.

The acquisition of these substantial contracts solidifies JIRACOR’s position as a trusted partner in the defense domain. By consistently delivering comprehensive support solutions, we empower the Navy’s endeavors with superior quality, operational efficiency, and strategic advantage.

JIRACOR Chosen as a Protégé in the DCMA Mentor-Protégé Program

JIRACOR, a distinguished small business celebrated for its extensive array of product support capabilities that strengthen diverse defense platforms, has enthusiastically engaged in the Mentor-Protégé Program overseen by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA).

“We are thrilled to enter into this mentorship with Lockheed Martin, a renowned leader in the defense industry,” said Richard Coronado, President of JIRACOR. “We look forward to leveraging their extensive resources and expertise to further excel in serving our customers and delivering value-driven solutions.”

Through this mentoring association, JIRACOR stands to gain invaluable guidance, empowering the company to refine its operational processes and procedures, effectively engaging with even more formidable customer demands. This Mentor-Protege collaboration underscores JIRACOR’s unwavering commitment to perpetual enhancement and utmost customer contentment. By harnessing the insights and backing provided by our esteemed mentor, JIRACOR is strategically positioned to surpass customer requirements, navigate intricate challenges, and deliver outcomes of exceptional caliber.