• Integrated Logistics Support
• Training and Logistics
• Depot Level Maintenance & Repair
• Manufacturing

Our Core Capabilities


Enhancing Operational Capability


JIRACOR Awarded Contract for Repair and
Modification of USCG HC-144 Aircraft Critical Avionics


JIRACOR is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Rev D certified company.


JIRACOR Awarded Subcontract to provide
ILS and RMA Support to AV-8B Italian and
Spanish Navy Training Simulators


Contract Vehicles

The contract schedules held by JIRACOR cover an array of services for the DoD, armed services and civilian government agencies. Through these contract vehicles, we can provide modeling and simulation, information technology, manufacturing, program and acquisition management, system integration, integrated product support, research and engineering.

Our competitive professional services can be quickly accessed through the following contracts:

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