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enabling affordability, effectiveness, and global mission readiness.

Integrated Product Support

JIRACOR product support team interfaces intensively with our customers in an IPT environment to develop the Contractual Data Requirement List (CDRLs) which include, but not limited to the following:

  • Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)
  •  Failure, Modes, Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Report
  •  Maintenance Allocation Chart
  •  Indentured Parts List
  •  Recommended Spares
  •  Bill of Materials
  •  Provisioning Parts List
  •  Tools and Test Equipment List
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Repair Analysis
  • Operator Task Analysis
  • Support and Test Equipment
  • Supply Support
  • Manpower, Personnel and Training
  • Facilities
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation
  • Post Production Support
  • Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Management/Obsolescence Support (DMSMS/Obsolescence)

JIRACOR ILS staff develops product support strategies that includes the support functions to maintain the readiness and operational capability of support systems. As part of that strategy, we perform a detailed business case analysis (BCA) of alternative life-cycle logistical support concepts and provide recommendations.

Logistics Product Data

Our ILS Engineers prepare the technical documentation in support of Logistics Product Data (LPD) based on the Supportability Analysis using industry tools such as COMPASS and PowerLOGJ.

COMPASS provides product support decision makers a tool identifying the best possible balance of cost and availability by simultaneously optimizing both the maintenance concept and supply support of a system. The model achieves the goal of a given operational availability, through the use of embedded supply algorithms from the Selected Essential-Item Stockage for Availability Method (SESAME). SESAME is the model used for computing initial provisioning requirements. COMPASS simultaneously considers up to four levels of maintenance and supply support plus contractor support. It will identify the most economical maintenance level to either repair or discard the end item and all line replaceable units (LRU) and shop replaceable units (SRU).

PowerLOGJ is designed to assist government agencies and their contractors in developing, loading and integrating their supportability analysis data bases. It will load MIL-STD-1388-2B, 2A LSA-036, 2B, LSA-036, GIEA-STD-0007, and some PLCS data formats. The primary purpose of this tool is Acquisition Logistics Data Management, data cleansing, and logistics product (LSARs) development.

Technical Data Package

Technical Data Packages are the foundation for configuration management and source data for technical publications and manuals. JIRACOR provides the expertise and products for fulfilling logistics and engineering lifecycle TDP needs.

JIRACOR is ready and available to help you with your TDPs by:

  • Planning for, acquiring, and managing your TDP;
  • Providing configuration management services such as audits; and
  • Providing guidance and assistance on digital requirements for the Integrated Data Environment.

Configuration Data Management

JIRACOR provides services in the following configuration management functions:

  • Develop physicial configuration audit plans
  • Perform physicial configuration audits
  • Provide technical data package support for engineering change proposals
  • Establish baselines
  • Provide support in performance of functional configuration audits

Depot-Level Maintenance

Our subject matter experts offer the complete Maintenance, Repair  and Overhaul (MRO) package to our customers, including technical, administrative, and management support services.

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Specialty Engineering

JIRACOR offers the following services to various customers.

Product Support Analysis (PSA), Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMEA/FMECA), Level/Location of Repair Analysis (LORA), Maintenance Task Analysis/Maintenance Planning, Product Support Engineering, Reliability & Maintainability Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Reliability Block Diagrams (RBDs), Process Improvement (Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints), Modeling & Simulation, Supply Chain Management, Program Management & Acquisition Support, Technical Publications, Industrial Operations Support, Software Development, and Information Technology Support.

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JIRACOR provides a breadth of technical expertise in the development of training solutions across the Live Virtual Constructive domains. From software development to manufacturing of virtual simulator components, JIRACOR understands the innovation required to deliver performance-based training.

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